Brandished Needle

selectively focused bolts on fenceline

Last night was Aphros first vet appointment since we got her. She did not like bein in the kitty carrier! When we finally stuffed her in (with a towel), she meowed almost constantly during the ride to the vet. She would take little breaks in her caterwauling, just to make us think she had quieted down.

When we got to the vet she was pretty quiet, which was nice. We took her into the exam room, opened the door to the cat carrier, and she slowly made her way out. The vet did her exam, including weighing Aphro, and she was pretty good. The vet did the first shot, she was fine. The vet poked in the needle for the second shot, and that is when Aphro flipped! Ears flat, mouth open she tried to bite the vet, then she hissed. Claws brandished she took a few swats at the vet. To her credit the vet calmly put the needle in a safe place, got a better grip on Aprho, then continued where she left off. The last needle was a quick one, then some deworming fluid, and it was over.

Sort of. Sue and I had to get Aphro back into the carrier. 🙂 All in all a good visit. Much different from a Yoshi visit. He just stands there and lets anything get done to him. He is next though. In just a few weeks actually.