Dizzy Puddle

Yoshi taking a rest at the park

Lunchtime today was a nice treat. I wasn’t able to take Yoshi to work today, so he stayed home, and at lunch I went home for a visit and a walk. It was short (just under 20 minutes), but he had a great time. We met up with Emma, a Lab mix. She was cute. As soon as she saw Yoshi, she came bounding up to him. Yoshi didn’t see her approach, so when he did notice her, he quickly dropped the stick we has carrying, and they both did the doggy twirl (they walked around in a circle sniffing each other).

Then Yoshi decided Emma was a cool dog, and instigated a playfest with her! 🙂 I was stunned to watch this but it was hilarious. Yoshi woulld zip away, then run at her. Emma would chase Yoshi back. Yoshi would grab the stick, and Emma would chase. Emma would grab the stick and Yoshi would chase. They the two of them dissappeared into the leafless trees and rand round and round and round them, chasing each other until I thought they would be dizzy.

To cool off they zipped to the nearest dirtiest mud puddle and lapped it up like it would evaporate momentarily. Crazy dogs! I love watching playtime like that.

Our other pet, Aphro, goes to the vet for the first time since we got her. We bought a cat carrier yesterday, and we are not relishing the idea of trying to stuff her into it. I am prepared for mortal combat with her. She must get in, and I am sure she will do everything in her power to not go in. I will be totally shocked if she doesn’t spaz. More later I guess.