Bouncing Mucous

I am flesh and blood

One problem with being a fleshy creature is that we are susceptible to the cold virus. Nasty, icky, cold virii. I hate the sneaky bastards. In fact I have spent most of the last week fighting a particularly nasty one. I woke up last Tuesday feeling under the weather, and it wasn’t until the past Saturday that I was really starting to feel better. Even today as I sit here and write this, I can still feel the little nasties bouncing around inside me.

The thing I really hate about having a cold is the clouded and fuzzy thinking that inevitably affects me. That and getting the sweats really disgusts me. What can you do but rest, eat and drink lots, and gets lots of sleep?

I managed to do all of the above, and still it persisted. Luckily the past few days this cold has been exiting my body through my head. Mmmm, mucous!

This would be the reason for the lack of posting since Whistler.