Snapping Ball

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Some random catching up bits

Saturday night Sue and I went out for dinner with her mom while she was visiting. While driving there, there was a loud snapping sound that came from the drivers seat, and I felt myself sink into the seat just a little more. Strange. Time to make another appointment with Tommys. I have so many other things I would rather spend my money on.

Today I was updating my Palm calendar. I had edited a bunch of entries, some in the future, some in the past. When I least expected it, the palm desktop application crashed. I thought it needed a simple restart, but I had a few problems getting it to quit. I had to bring up the task manager and kill it that way. Unfortunately when you do that, you don’t get to keep all your changes (apparently). Crap. I had some problems trying to remember all the ones I had updated, and added.

On the lighter side of things, today was my day to go home at lunch to check in on Yoshi. On the way home I decided to take him to the park for a quick (very quick actually) walk. While there we were crossing a small field, and I saw Yoshi go running off while sniffing the air. He embedded himself into a bush so I could only see his back end. His little tail was dancing all about so I though he either smelled something good in the bush, or there was a bird or rabbit in there. I was wrong. When he backed out of the bush I saw he had found a tennis ball. He was so happy running around with that thing. Silly dog.

On the sadder side, I had to take Yoshi in to the Vet today because he had some gross eye infection. That was minor, and some drops will clear it right up. The sad part is that we learned Yoshi might have a touch of arthritis in his hip. His left hip gets kind of sore when he plays too hard, so I told the Vet about it today. She checked it out and commented that she could feel it click when she manipulated it sometimes, and that after a few manipulations she could tell he was feeling a little discomfort. She then pointed out that his left leg is slightly atrophied when compared to the right leg. Poor Yoshi. He is going to have an XRay done on Thursday so we can see what is really happening with his joint. We are crossing our fingers that it is the tissue variety, and not the joint deterioration kind. It is sad because most likely we won’t be able to play his favorite game (fetch) anymore. We hold out hope that we will be able to control it with drugs and that it won’t affect Yoshi too much. Heh, he is really going to hate Thursday morning since we won’t be able to give him breakfast (they might have to sedate him).

Lastly, tonight I stopped at McDonalds for dinner (I know it’s not good for me, but I really wanted a Big Mac). While I was waiting for my dinner some guy came in to complain. He had ordered this new Tex Mex Salad thing that was supposed to come with Sour Cream and Salsa. In McD’s style the condiments come in packets, and not on the salad. The guy got no sour cream, and what was supposed to be salsa was actually balsamic vinagrette dressing for a different type of salad. He was livid. He reamed out the manager for a long time. Her excuses were pathetic, and certainly didn’t help the mood of the irate customer. I was thoroughly entertained though. The guy wanted the corporate headquarters phone number, her name, the name of his server, and the location of that restaurant. The lady wrote them down, but the guy was insulted there wasn’t a toll free number. Another manager like person piped up that the regional manager is local to Victoria and they could give him his number. The angry customer poo pood that idea saying the regional manager had no authority, then reiterated he wanted the headquarters’ contact info. Meanwhile my order was taking a long time, and my server then realized that my Big Mac had somehow disappeared. He got the guys in the back to quickly make another one. As he was handing me my food, he slipped in a free apple pie. 🙂 The smile crept across my face. Big angry guy complaining was getting more angry, and I was getting free food.