Vacation Criteria

this is not our ship

In other news, Suede and I have booked our vacation in October. We were originally planning a 3 week vacation to New Zealand, but because of a lack of $$, and some unexpected vet bills we had to modify our plan. We wanted to leave the country so we could feel like we have travelled. Suede and I are not seasoned travellers, nor are we particularly adventurous, so we had some pretty specific criteria.

In the end we picked a cruise. In fact, we picked a 10 day Mexican Riviera cruise. We are very excited by it, and are really looking forward to it. I have been on a cruise before, and I really enjoyed it. This cruise should be a lot warmer than the Alaskan cruise I was on before.

The on shore excursion sound fun too. Some of the ones we are interested in are mountain biking, snorkelling, swimming, horseback riding, and kayaking. There are some sight seeing ones to do as well. In all I think it will be a fabulous vacation.

Plus, our ship, the Sapphire Princess, has tons to do on board. Aaaah, I can almost feel the heat now!