Particular Seal

a sign in Macaulay Point park

Today was my day to come home for lunch to let Yoshi out for a bathroom break. It turned out to be quite a lunch break.

As I was nearing the car, I noticed the Johnson St bridge was in the process of raising. That added a few minutes to the drive home, but it was neat to see the bridge in action. After picking up Yoshi, we zipped to the park. As I was getting out of the car I noticed a Bylaw Enforcement Officer van parked nearby. Yoshi was on leash so that wasn’t a big deal, but I didn’t have his licence on that particular collar. I was a little concerned I would get nabbed for that, but I wasn’t about to head home, not with a spastic dog that was really wanting his walk!

Yoshi and I walked past the van, and as I was grabbing some bags from the dispenser, I heard the van door open, and the officer called out to me. I thought “Uh oh, busted!”. Turned out that she only wanted a favour from me. Someone had dropped their keys, and the BEO asked me to mention that to them if I saw the person. No big deal, and on the walk went.

It was a pretty neat day for a walk. It was cool, foggy, and slightly rainy. I haven’t seen days like this in quite a long time. Of course Yoshi was running around, happy to be outside. I love watching him run around like that. It is quite a peaceful, relaxing time for me.

Near the end of the walk I could see that the BEO was still parked there. I then saw her get out of her van and talk to a couple people. One of them then took out a camera and aimed at the water. As I stood near a railing over the water, a seal floated less than 10 feet away. Cool. The seal was in very close to shore, the water must have been less than 2 feet deep there. I stood and watched for a few minutes, and Yoshi, being completely oblivious looked off into the sky. The seal submerged, and swam even closer until it was only about 2 feet away. With a quick flip of its tail, it took off leaving a splash behind that got Yoshi’s attention.

Dropping Yoshi off at home I headed back to work, only to get stopped at a train crossing. Quite eventful driving I think.

The only downside to the walk at the park was that I can see where some people are trampling and/or cutting down blackberry vines in an effort to get more berries. This is a park people. Get a clue. You can’t just do what you want because you want the berries! I get very frustrated with people, especially in a situation like this. I love Macaulay Point park, and I don’t want to see my off-leash dog access to it lost.