Donatables Tidied

rain drops keep falling in the pond

Very enjoyable weekend here. Friday night we didn’t really do much, except watch a movie.

Saturday we woke up to some pretty wet weather. It was raining really hard, and it was a nice site actually. The temperature has dropped a few degrees, and everything smelled fresh and looked a little cleaner. We relaxed around the house, drank coffe/tea, ate some breakfast, then vegged for a couple hours. I worked on a redesign for muddylaces here, and it was coming along pretty well, then I ran into a snag. Grrr. Sometimes CSS is stupid.

When it was time to get to work we loaded the dogs in the van (we were looking after Digger, and had K‘s van), organized some donatables, dropped the donatables off, then went on a nice dog walk at Elk Lake.

After the walk we came home, relaxed a little more, then got cleaned up to go out for a deck warming party.

This morning I went for a bike ride with some friends, and I really didn’t enjoy myself. Sue and I then tidied the house, then I worked some more on the redesign (still not done).

A little later today we need to do some grocery shopping, then we are going out to see a movie.

In all a pretty darn nice weekend!