Lucky Mailing

storage opportunities are open

Call it fortuitous, call it lucky. Call it good fortune. Call it what you will, but I have a new memory card. I was just thinking yesterday that I was going to have to find another card to take on our trip in a couple weeks. A few moments later I got an email from a photography mailing list I am on. Someone was selling a 512 MB compact flash card! Sweet! I was pretty happy with the price. I picked it up last night, and played with it for a bit. It sure looks odd to see 300+ pics available.

Of course today I was cruising the cruise website and found the following blurb: You will also find advanced digital imaging services, memory card downloads, and CD burning services.

Guess I didn’t need that card after all!

Civilized Weather

big flower little Yoshi

Yoshi’s walk on Sunday was a lot more relaxed than the day before. He was quite civilized, and got along nicely with all the dogs in the park. The sun was out, the breeze was light, the park was perfect.

Tonight Suede and I did something we haven’t done in a long time. After work, we got changed, let Yoshi into the truck, then went for an hour walk around Thetis Lake. Yoshi appreciated the run, and we relished the walk. Somehow we lucked into some really nice weather.

Bio-solid Traction

the bikes on a road trip

Well, I didn’t ride this weekend, so I guess I better write something about last weeks ride 🙂 A few of us did a road trip to Nanaimo to ride the Doumont Road trails, and I had a blast. It was a stinky blast, but fun none the less. When we entered the trails, we noticed a very bad odour, and that something had been sprayed on the foliage right near the fire roads. It was quite odd, but further in the trails we found a sign that said their was an experiment in progress, and that they had applied a bio-solid from the Nanaimo Waste Water treatment plant. OK! The sign also warned not to eat above ground plant material, and to not eat below ground plant material. Again, common sense. When there is a blackish substance on a plant, and it smells like poo, I am not going to eat anything!


Once we got into the trails, and away from the fire roads the smell disappaited, and we were able to enjoy the ride. The trails were pretty damp, but in very good shape. The rain the night before had really increased the traction, knocked down the dust, kicked up the stink (see above), and made a few nice puddles to ride through.


We did ots of climbing, and the descent was well worth it. I had ridden at Doumont before, but we managed to find a few trails to ride that I had never been on. I actually had a great ride, and climbed more that I have climbed in a long time. Perhaps I need to get back into XC riding to rekindle my lost passion for riding? We also passed/rode a bunch of new stunts. Some were pretty rickety, and not worth riding, but some were incredible masterpieces! I would love to be there when someone challenges them.


Anyway I look at it, that day was good. The road trip was fun, the coffee was excellent, the trails great, the pub afterwards (the Black Bear) yummy, and the drive home uneventful. I had intended to take more pictures, but I had more fun riding.

Romp Free

Yoshi and Oscar at Wittys

Today Coreman, Justine, Oscar, Yoshi and I hooked up for a romp at the beach. Beautiful sunny morning, nice and warm, and a couple pups that were aching to get out there and run. Oscar was a very good dog today, and unusually Yoshi was not. Yoshi was full of beans this morning, so when I let him off leash, the ran around lots. After a while, he latched onto Justine, and would not leave her alone. He was frantic trying to get her to throw a stick she didn’t have. Eventually I had to snap the leash on him, which was a struggle in itself. After running free like he had, Yoshi was not happy to be on leash!

The beach there was very nice though, and the tide was out quite a ways. Before leashing Yoshi, the pups chased each other through the sand, and over the logs. Much fun! There was a large flock of seagulls out on on patch of sand, and surprisingly the dogs pretty much left them alone. Good dogs!

All good things must come to an end though, so when we returned to the vehicles Yoshi still seemed like he was full of beans. He pretty much pulled me up the flight of stairs! That all changed as soon as he was in the truck though. He flaked right out, and has been sleeping for the past 2 hours. I love him to bits, but he is a strange dog sometimes.

Oscar at Wittys

Corporate Pickup

the Ulti team

This week I joined Pangaea‘s Ultimate team for the 2004 Victoria Corporate Games. It had been a couple years since I have played. I had forgotten just how much fun the game is. I am thinking abou trying to find some pickup games. Sue mentioned one she heard about that happens on Monday evenings. Something for me to look into. Ulti would coincide very nicely with me wantinng to get back into shape too!