Trackside Festivities

TAG in both senses

Saturday night Suede and I joined K and JJ for dinner at Spinnakers, then headed over to the Trackside Art Gallery (TAG) for the unveiling of a bunch more paintings.

The unveiling was quite a big event, withh food, music, firedancing, and the big reveal to top it off. Although we missed most of the festivities, we did catch the important part. It was a very fun evening. The Rock Solid foundation has a very positive effect on the community, and has the backing of a lot of high profile businesses in the area.

The paintings revealed were from people of many age groups, and experience. It was quite impressive to see the paintings of a young child right next to a painting by Robert Bateman.

After all the new paintings were revealed, the four of use headed back to Spinnakers for dessert and another drink. Yum.