Dog Ahead

Yesterday morning I was lounging around trying to wake up. I knew that unless I got going, I would end up spending most of the day on the couch. I thought a dog walk was in order, so I called up Coreman to see what he was up to. Turned out he and Justine were thinking the same thing.

I got changed, grabbed the dog stuff, and the dog, and met up with Coreman, Justine, and OTP. We headed out to Matheson Lake. I had never been there before, so it was a real treat. The trail itself was great, and the views stunning. As the trail makes its way around the lake, it intersects the Galloping Goose a couple times. There are some rather steep sections to tackle, that were simple for the pups, but required a little effort on my part.

Speaking of the pups, OTP and Yoshi got along famously. Yoshi was full of beans, and ran around lots. OTP kept up to him as much as he could. Usually Yoshi will run ahead a bit, then run back to check up. Yesterday he was further ahead than normal, and would stop and wait for us to catch up to him! Silly pup.

After the walk the three of us refuled at My Chosen Café while the pups rested in the truck.

Great wallk. Very enjoyable, and a good kickstart to my day.