Limo Dancing

Friday nights party was quite a bit of fun. The limo picked us up around 5:15, and for the next hour and a bit we toured Victoria picking up other people. Once we arrived at Sauce I was introduced toa bunch of people, and the party got going. There was an open bar, an appies sitting out when we arrived. Around 7:30 the buffet dinner was served, and it was pretty good. After dinner the draw prizes were given away (Suede won a $20 gift certificate to Sauce), then the DJ started. He was alright, but he had a few problems with a few songs.

As the night wore on, the dancing on the tables started. It was quite funny to watch the reactions of passersby on the street when they saw the ladies dancing on the tables.

As the music got louder I started to not have as much fun as I was. I ended up leaving a little earlier than Sue, but still had a great time.