Twisted Season

Wittys Lagoon waves

Sunday Suede and I treated her mom, my mom, and my sister to a play at the Belfry. Since it is Christmas time, we chose a Christmas play. The twist was that it was an improv play. In fact, the title was A Twisted Christmas Carol.

In a word it was hilarious. Hands down this was the funniest improv I have seen. The plot follows that of the book, but it is made modern through suggestions from the crowd. Some of the the changes involved the characters, some of then involved the scenes. For example in our play, Scrooges business was transformed into a Ballroom Dance studio instead of the classic accounting firm. The set was magnificent. The backdrop they used throughout was that of a huge advent calendar. Made for some interesting cast entrances.

If you are looking for something to do this holiday season, I can’t recommend this show enough. Call and order tickets right now. You won’t be disappointed.