WSOD Keyboard

I am so very pissed off right now. Actually, I started being mad last night. You see, I bought a Universal Wireless Keyboard for my Tungsten T3 PDA.

When I got home last night I ripped open the package, grabbed the manual, and the disc, and installed the driver on to my pda. A quick resynch later, and I was good to go. I tapped the icon to launch the driver so I could enable receiving keyboard input, and WHAM WSOD (white screen o death). Strange that a PALMONE released beyboard driver would crash on my T3. No problem, a quick reboot should get things in order.

Here is where the problem is. The reset button wouldn’t work. I tried all the combos for hard resetting, and soft resetting, but my nice, expensive PDA was a steaming pile of slag. Nothing but the white screen.

I jumped onto the net, and lo and behold I find this. Turns out many people have had serious issues on their T3 with this driver. Many people report waiting until the battery drains completely. When this happens everything on the PDA is lost. Thankfully there are a couple solutions for this.

When I do get it running again, I can resynch with my computer. This should restore everything that used to be on there. Downside is that it will also reinstall the problematic driver.

My other course of action is when the PDA is back up and running I can slide my SD card into the T3, bring up my copy of BackupMan, and restore the last save point. Thankfully this software runs flawlessly, and every night at 3am it was doing backups, so I will only have lost changes I made yesterday.

In all I still don’t know the state of my PDA. This morning it looked like the battery was drained, but when I placed it in the cradle, the charging light didn’t come on. This is a bad sign in my book, so I may have to call PalmOne and complain. Shitty thing is that it is just out of warranty (I bought it on Dec 27 2003). I am hoping that tonight when I get home things will be in a better state.

I will have to remember to update the PalmOs before I slam in the SD card too since the T3 had issues with those before too.