Blustery Thud

rain on our window

Woke up this morning to howling wind and rain pelting the window above my head. Eww. Hoping it would die down I tried to fall back asleep. When I awoke, it sounded even worse.

After breakfast I took Yoshi for a walk in the park. It was still blustery, and rainy, but dressing for it should make it bearable. Braving the wind we headed out the front door. Yoshi didn’t care; he wanted a walk in the baddest way. No big surprise, but we pretty much had the park to ourselves.

Meandering through the small park I stopped may times to watch the waves crash on the beach. I have never seen waves that big hit that beach before. Most were around 4 feet high, others were 5 feet tall. The logs that normally litter the beach were being tossed around in the surf. A deep thud could be heard each time a large wave impacted the rocks of the beach. Through it all the wind was blowing, and the rain was falling.

It was great!

At one location Yoshi and I were about 10 feet above a beach that was built out of boulders to prevent erosion. As each wave crashed a certain way, the spray was thrown up into the air, and the wind carried it towards the path I was standing on. A couple times I felt the spray mist over my face. As I turned to walk away I licked my lips and tasted the saltiness of the ocean.

On our way home Yoshi and begin to get a little perturbed by the sideways rain. It is a little difficult to watch where you are walking when the rain forces your eyes shut. Once in the front door, a quick towel down for Yoshi, and a quick change of clothes for me, and we were both content with our exercise for the day.