Cylinder Redneck

demo hit to pass cars

Saturday night I joined Sox and some of her co-workers for a trip to Western Speedway to see the hit to pass night. Many people have asked me what hit to pass racing is. In a word it is mayhem. To be able to legally pass someone the driver is supposed to make contact with the other car. Rear end him, side swipe him, spin the other guy, or even get in front of the other person and tap the brakes. Failure to do this will resultsin a warning. Fail to do this a couple times, and the driver might get black flagged. Fun!

mini figure 8 cars

There were several classes of racing. Claimers were the only non hit to pass class that night. Claimers are an interesting category in that anyone at the track can go to the front office before the night is done and put down a claim on the car. Something like $349. It is a cheap way to get into racing.

demo hit to pass trucks

Besides claimers there were demo cars, demo trucks, and mini figure-8’s. Demo cars and trucks both race on the full track, with all the hit to pass rules. Mini figure 8’s are small 4 cylinder cars that follow hit to pass rules, but race on a figure 8 race track on the main straightaway. Crazyness ensues. Watching the cars criss cross is a little hairy at times, but thoroughly entertaining. When cars start breaking down, the track gets clogged and the mayhem increases.

demo hit to pass trucks

Very, very fun night. Add in hit chocolate, a burger, and onion rings. Great redneck fun for little money.