Rage Garden

Yesterday afternoon a co-worker and I headed to Vancouver to see Audioslave at GM Place. The trip started off very rocky. We missed the 3pm ferry by a matter of 30 cars or so. Big bummer. Around 3:45 we learned that the 4 pm sailing had been cancelled due to mechanical problems. The show started at 7, and I was concerned we would miss something.

Pulling into Tsawassen at 6:30, we booted it for downtown. Crossing the Cambie street bridge at 7:30 we heard on the Fox that Audioslave would be taking the stage in an hour and a half. Calming quite a bit we relaxed and made our way into the show.

We missed the first opening band, but caught most of Seether. They were good. Really good. I will have to look into getting some of their music sometime.

When Audioslave took the stage, the crowd erupted (as they should). Launching into their set you could tell it was going to be a great show. Commading on stage I would say. Each member of that band did their part to ensure a memorable concert. It was amazing. When I can find it I will post the set list.

Besides playing their own music, I had heard that they would be playing some Soundgarden material, and some Rage against the Machine songs. Woah did they ever.

As much as I love Audioslave music, the SG and Rage covers stole the show. SG song played were Rusty Cage, Spoonman (with special guest Artis the Spoonman), Black Hole Sun (acoustic solo by Chris Cornell), and Blow Up the Outside World (also acoustic solo). Rage songs: Killing in the Name of, Sleep Now in the Fire, and Bulls on Parade (no vocals). Audioslave songs played: Cochise, Show Me How To Live, Like a Stone, I am the Highway, Out of Exile, Be Yourself, Dandelion, Doesn’t Remind Me, a new song never played for anyone before (management and record company included – yeah right), and more I think.

Tom Morello kicks ass. ’nuff said. Chris Cornell handled the crowd really well. He got them going, got them involved in the show. His banter between songs was good too.

Oh yeah, in between songs something had to be fixed, so Tom started noodling on his guitar. Soon enough Chris started singing (lights were still off at this point), drumms kicked in, then the bass got going. I don’t know what they were playing, and I didn’t recognize the song, but it was pretty amazing too.

The drum tech was pretty incredible too. He managed to swap a snare drum mid song. How often do you see that?

Awesome, awesome concert. Maybe I will post more thoughts later.