Infected Surgery

the little Yoshi pooper

Something that has been brewing in the background for a while. The past couple years Yoshi has been having some troubles with his anal glands. The glands have been getting infected, and unfortunately for us, Yoshi never displays any of the warning signs that they are bothering him. Each time this occurs we have to take him to the vet to get them expressed. This is a gross procedure that looks very uncomfortable for him. Now, each time we enter the vet’s office, he immediately gets tense and strains to leave. Once we get into the exam room, he moves to the corner and sits.

Poor guy.

Just before our most recent vacation we took Yoshi in to get examined and expressed, only to find out that once again one of the glands was infected. He was put on antibiotics which were administered by the kennel where he stayed while we were away. A follow up exam once we were home revealed that the side that was infected was now fine, but the other gland was now infected. We had a decision to make.

Either we started taking Yoshi to the vet every 3 weeks to get expressed or we could have his glands removed. After deliberating, we have signed Yoshi up for surgery. It wasn’t something we decided to do lightly though. We looked into the complications from the surgery, the after effects of the surgery, and the possible side effects of the surgery.

Thankfully most of the possible side effects are minor or temporary. Also, Yoshi won’t be going under a general anesthetic, which in case you didn’t know, can be dangerous for animals. He will be getting an epidural. I’m not fully sure how that works, but I imagine he will be sedated as well.

While he is going to be there, and undergoing surgery we have also decided to neuter Yoshi. Yes he is intact, but that is mainly so that his previous owner could breed him. He has been bred once but we have no further wishes to have him bred. I love Yoshi, and I am a little concerned about the neutering too. I don’t want him to change. I love him just the way he is, but this really is the best thing for his health.

I know our vets are quite competent, but I am still worried about Yoshi. I know that once he is fully healed he will be a changed dog. I just hope the changes are gradual, and not too drastic. I love the little pooper, but I know we are doing the best thing for his long term health.