Nutcase Pee

wondering about this guy?

Wondering how Yoshi is doing? He is actually doing quite well. Monday evening after we brought him home from the vet he was not a happy camper. Still on drugs he was very mopey, not very interested in food (yet still ate), and was very quiet. Today he is a nutcase. Well, maybe nutcase is the wrong word, but he is crazy with pent up energy. We have been walking Yoshi 3 times a day for various lengths, and he still wants more. The problem is that he is required to be on leash still. Aaargh.

Wednesday I had a small emergency with him though. I noticed there was some blood on one of his beds. This was caused by one of his incisions bleeding a little. In a hurry I bundled him into the truck and zipped over to the vet to make sure he was fine. He was of course. This was a normal course of action that we hadn’t realized would be normal.

He eats more slowly now. Not sure why, but he takes FOREVER to eat. Yoshi has to wear a cone for another week still, so we have to watch him eat, and cone him when he is done. He was slow before, but seems way slower now. I watched him chew one mouthful of kibble 8 times before swallowing! WTF. What kind of a dog chews. Other dogs I know are done their meal in 8 swallows with no chewing at all.

I think Sox and I have figured out how to give Yoshi pills. He is sneaky sometimes and will keep it in his mouth pretending to have swallowed it. When he is allowed to eat, up comes the pills, down goes some food (slowly).

Letting him pee is hard too. If we just put him out in the yard, he runs around. This is still a no-no for another week, so we have to walk him. I can’t wait for next Monday to arrive.