Accident Space

pretty damn close

On the way home today Sox and I were almost in an accident. Scared me pretty bad. We were just talking about when we are going to pick up our new car while driving our death trap of a Firefly. Seconds later I was making an emergency swerve with full on braking.

What happened? Well, as I was rounding the corner on Esquimalt Road, someone in the left lane decided they didn’t want to wait for the left turner in front of them and decided to change lanes. We were in the right lane passing the stopped cars. With very little room to spare, I managed to hit the brakes (locking up at least one wheel), and swerve right enough to avoid the trans am, but not far enough to hit the curb or sidewalk. I swear that there was less than a foot of space between our car and the other.

I was shaken, but grateful that I had quick enough reactions to avoid everything. Very happy that the contents of the car were safe. Soon we will be getting our new car. I was already looking forward to it, but now even more so.