Cooperating Purchases

old gnarled and dead tree

Yesterday morning I was supposed to get out and shoot pictures with the photo club. That didn’t happen due to the rain. We met at Swan Lake here in Victoria, and thought it looked like an awesome place to shoot, we decided as a group that the rain wasn’t likely to stop, so we passed. Some time soon, when the weather is cooperating, we will go back there.

Instead, and since I was already out I took Yoshi for a walk. I grabbed a coffee, and stopped at the Cedar Hill Golf Course because I have often seen people walking on trails alongside Nrth Dairy. Leashing up the dog, grabbing a jacket, filling pockets with baggies Yoshi and I set out on some new trails. Intersting track around the golf course. Pretty easy walk, but scenic. Changes from tight, dense trees, to open green grass, then to a Garry Oak stand that is now barren of leaves. Just under an hour’s walk, it was very enjoyable, despite the rain.

After getting home, I jumped into the yard work. I had raked the leaves in the back yard last weekend, so it was just a matter of loading the truck, and hauling them away. There were a few extras on the ground, but it was very nice to have them all in one central location (3 spots actually). Plus, since I had raked and tarped them, they had a week to dry. Made for and easier experience loading the truck. In the end I took 2 full truckloads of leaves, branches, twigs and other yard debris to the municipal yard. Nice to get that done, but by the time I was ready to start on the front yard, the wind had kicked up. The front yard is much less protected than the back, so raking and loading the truck would have been much more difficult. I packed it in and got myself cleaned up.

Next up on the day was a Costco trip. Dumb, dumb, dumb idea. It was raining hard, cold, nasty outside, and Costco was crazy busy. It took me forever to cross the store because at steady stream of people with carts prevented me from crossing the aisles. I actually had the thought that I needed a traffic light just to cross the store. Grabbing the few things I wanted I then got in one of the huge lines for a checkout. Yikes. Stupid, stupid store. I knew I should have waited for a weeknight before heading up there, but no, I had to go mid afternoon on a Saturday. I got was I deserved. I perservered though, but then got a shock when I went to pay. The business account my card is under had expired, and they wanted me to pay $220 to re-open it before I could then pay for my items. I explained I wasn’t the business owner, and a manager provided a one time override so I could pay for my items on the expired account. Phew. I would have been very upset if I had had to walk away without my purchases after spending so much time in line.

Busy tiring day. I did a little more house work, ate some dinner, played some PS2 games, then watched a DVD. Great day really. Relaxing, yet I feel like I actually accomplished something too.