Intersection Misfortune

After walking Yoshi Tuesday at lunch, I headed back to wotk. At the intersection of Esquimalt and Catherine St, I saw a large moving truck and trailer parked with its 4way flashers going. As I got closer I saw a cop van behind it with its lights flashing. Immediately I thought that the truck was pulled over for speeding or some other infraction.

A little closer I saw that in between them was a small 4 door sedan. The driver side of the sedan was crumpled from front to rear, and there was a 3 inch high gouge the entire length of the car too. The driver of the car was an older woman who looked like she was having a bad day.

Seems the something happened between the car and the moving truck. Yikes, that would be scary, but as a passerby, you can’t help but laugh at the misfortune of others. I just wonder how it happened. Did the truck swing wide? Did the car sneak up on the inside of the truck as it made a corner? Did the truck sideswipe the car? Who knows. Sucks to be them.