Error Documentation


I just logged on to my computer, and had this error message displayed on the screen. I am pretty savvy when it comes to web technologies, and I have a vague notion of what certificates are and how they are used. My problem is that I don’t know what application popped this up, nor why. I don’t know or understand what can or will happen with either the yes choice or the no choice. Does this mean a trusted website has been compromised? Whatever application opened this did a poor job with the UI. What will happen when I just close the dialog (top right X).

What are less techy people supposed to do with this dialog. I think that software developers around the world do a pretty poor job of writing to the lowest common denominator. This is just one example of pretty horrible user interfaces (UI) I have seen.

From a developers perspective I know it can be difficult to create a good UI that flows nicely, works, and makes sense. Sometimes it is easier to just make it work, and explain it in the documentation. For this example, what documents should I read?

It really is no wonder some people get so frustrated with computers and software.