Potholes Filtering

ghostly light switch

Today was the first meeting of the photo club in 2006. The destination was the Sooke potholes. We car pooled out there, and parked right next to the remnants of the failed resort. The river was raging. I had only been there once before during a summer, and the river had a gentle flow. I took a few shots of the river, was fascinated by some exposed re-bar, and was enthralled by a rusty tank.

I had a great time at this shoot. I felt inspired, and had no trouble seeing pictures. The above picture took me many tries to finally nail it. I found it very interesting that I could see the picture I wanted in my mind, but each succesive failure to meet it, pushed me to keep trying.

When all was said and done I had capture 89 shots. Filtering through them at home I was very pleased with my shooting on the day. Great start to another year of photography.

Pics are here.