Hammer Disc

Ulti on Wednesday was fun. I am still trying to learn everyones names, and to try and help some of the newer players learn how to play. Whenever I get out on the field, I am always surprised at how quickly the game comes back to me. My throws during warm up felt completely natural, and I even threw a perfect hammer for a point during the game.

My biggest problems are the team size (specifically the number of men), and my fitness level (the whole reason I joined the summer league). The league is 4-3, meaning 4 men 3 women on the field. With the abundance of men on each team, this means lots of sideline time. Good right now when I can’t play more than a couple points, but bad when later in the season I want more play time.

I worked up a good sweat on Wednesday, so that was good. I took it easy during the game though, tried not to get involved in too many sprints or hard chases, kept my feet moving, and handled the disc when I could. It all comes back like riding a bike.

The weather was perfect Wednesday too. The sun was trying to peak out from behind the clouds, but never quite made it. The temp was mid teens and the ground was soft from the earlier rain. Perfect introduction to this season.