Cheese Treats

Everyone knows I love my dog.  Yoshi is a pretty amazing dog.  He is fun, quirky, cute, loyal, protective, and energetic.

One thing I have learned about Yoshi recently is that he is also very patient.

Early April Sox and I had some family visitors.  They brought their son (let’s call him H) who is just over a year old, and is walking. 

At one point during the visit H was eating some cheese.  He walked up to Yoshi with the cheese, held it out, rubbed it on Yoshi’s nose, then walked away with his cheese. 

Yoshi never did anything.  He didn’t try to steal the cheese, he didn’t get up from his bed he was sleeping on, he didn’t even bat an eye.  I was pretty impressed by this.

We are after all talking about a dog that let’s me balance treats on his nose (he will do almost anything for food).