Photoclub School

Gorgeous sunny day for the photoclub. Too bad I was the only one there. It was awesome to get out and enjoy the day. Sun, slight breeze, camera, and some tunes (listened to my iPod for a while). After shooting for a bit, one other person showed up, and I ended up taking a small break and talked with him for a bit. Had’t seen this particular person in over a year.

The location was Lampson Street School. Picture taking went well. The challenge wasn’t the location, but the sun. Harsh direct light, creating harsh shadows, cool blue textures, and dappled light from the abundant trees. Still it was great to get out for a bit and leave home stuff behind. Get out, enjoy the sun, breathe the clean air, relax, and think creatively.

Controlling the depth of field was hard sometimes since lowering too far would create an overexposed shot. Raising the f stop to get the correct exposure would not give the shot I wanted.

In the end I am not 100% thrilled with my shots, but I am a little rusty, and I am happy with the results. My biggest hangup with shooting is remembering to examine the scene through the viewfinder, and ensure that it is what I am aiming for.

This shot is an example of that. I should have moved the camera closed to the cement pillars to remove the green background. I love the depth of field being only the first pillar. I tried having more pillars in focus, but I didn’t like the results as much. I like this shot, but for me to love it, I would have to get rid of the green.

The rest of the pics are here.