Save Hatley Park

This is an appeal to photographers in Victoria. As I wrote about previously Royal Roads University wants to put Hatley park behind a fence.

Some people I know are organizing efforts to stop this fencing. Please visit and sign the petition and get involved if you can. As of this writing work on the fence has been halted pending a review by a federal heritage agency. It is important that we stop this fence.

From the pictures on a recent article, and this fence should be abolished. When I read a fence was going to be erected, I was thinking stone fence a wood fence or maybe some other nicety. Apparently a chain link fence looks good these days.

If I wasn’t against fencing Hatley Park before, I am definitely against it now. This is truly an abomination, and I just can’t imagine what the Royal Roads committee was thinking when they gave the green light to a chain link fence (regardless of it following historical fence lines). Royal Roads is a university, and really should not be in the tourist business. The gardens on the site cannot stand the traffic of tour busses. How disruptive to schooling will it be to have tour busses driving in and out of the grounds, and large crowds flowing across the grounds?

I just wonder why Royal Roads feels it necessary to embark on this? Before taking over the grounds they should have done their research and know what would be involved in the upkeep of the gardens. The gardens that are so beautiful and rich obviously cannot be kept in good order for free. Even I know that.

Please get involved if you can.