Mistakes Charm

Well, it has happened again. Yoshi got into something he shouldn’t have. Someday Sue and I will learn, but for now, we keep making the same mistakes. We know that there are things that Yoshi will chew on if he has access to them.

Today he got into Aphro’s food, and her watering container. I’m sure Aphro isn’t too upset about the food since it was mainly her leftover crumbles that she doesn’t like to eat, but I am a little upset at the water container. Sheesh. As if we don’t already provide enough chew toys for Yoshi.

I’ve wanted to create a list of things Yoshi has eaten/chewed/destroyed for quite a while. Here is the start of that list.

Plastic Items:

  • measuring cup
  • cutting board
  • ice cream pail
  • Aphro’s water container
  • recycling items
  • flashlight
  • BBQ scraper brush
  • container with not-yet-dry red paint
  • Sprout’s brush

Wood Items:

  • salad servers
  • napkin holder

Misc Items:

  • cat food
  • cat litter
  • drain plugs (2 of them)
  • deck of cards

These lists are not complete. I know there are more, and when I remember them I will update this post. Yoshi is a pretty crazy dog, just part of his charm.

[update 1] added paint container and brush
[update 2] added deck of cards