iTunes Information

iTunes 7 was released today. I use iTunes to manage my mp3’s, and transfer files to my iPod’s. Well, a new feature of iTunes 7 is a long, loooong, overdue ability to download album art from the iTunes store. After installing the update, and letting iTunes fix my library for gapless playback, I set about turning on the album art feature.

I found the setting, but iTunes said I had to be logged in to the iTunes store to be able to use it. I don’t know why they need me to be logged in to download some images. That is more than a little weird, but I have an Apple ID, so I started to log in to the store. I started to log in, but quickly I was stopped. It wanted my credit card information. I don’t plan to buy any music off iTunes, so why do they need my credit card information? I don’t tend to just hand this info out. I should be able to (IMO) login to the iTunes store and when they need my payment info, provide it then (or be given the option of storing it on their servers).

Another consideration is that I don’t know how they are going to transfer this info to their servers. Is it transported securely or not? iTunes says they will transport it securely, but the only way I can confirm that is to start up wireshark (previously ethereal) and watch the traffic being sent to and from the Apple servers.

In the end I am not willing to hand over my credit card info just for this feature. I will stick to third party apps.