Motorbike Hunt

Last night there was something strange going on in our neighbourhood. Minutes before midnight I was awoken by a very loud motorbike (not Harley loud, but fast street bike loud) screaming up Lampson St. About 30 seconds after a cop car came whipping by lights on and siren going. Great. Thanks guys.

Sox and I sort of held our breath to see what would happen with Sprout, and sure enough, a soft cry emanated from his room. Sox got up to feed him while I stayed in bed.

For the next 20 minutes or so, the ‘hood was crawling with cop cars doing all sorts of weird things. Some were driving quickly, some slowly, all had lights going, some had sirens, more had a partial siren that was stopped and started at random, and one peeled out around the corner onto Lampson from Bewdley. At one point I heard a car go by and inside I heard a dog barking. They were on the hunt for someone, and they sure seemed serious.

This all turned Yoshi into a basketcase. He burst through the gate at the bottom of the stairs, was quite whiny, curled up in the bedroom on my clothes that were on the floor, and generally was quite stressed.

And as quickly as it all started it ended. I put Yoshi back downstairs, Sprout fell asleep again, and Sox and I hopped back into our bed for some more shut eye. I still really want to know what the hell was going on. Nothing on the news sites this morning, but maybe later today there will be something. I might even watch the news to see if there is anything there about a late night chase.