Reconnection Season

A common theme in recent blog posts I have read is that Labour Day feels like the beginning of a new year. This rings true with me. I alway used to feel that when I was in school. Everything began anew in September. Reconnection with friends, new clothes, new routines, new grade. Why isn’t this the beginning of the year?

It took a few years of full time work before these feelings abated. I still think about it when September rolls around, but I no longer feel it is the start of a new year.

Something still occurs around Labour Day though. It still marks the change of the season. Soon after Labour Day I noticed the leaves on the apple tree had started to change. Fall has begun. I can feel it in the air during my morning commute. A cool crisp feeling that isn’t cold (just yet). Fall is here. I’m going to have to start checking out the local parks for changing colors.

I love this time of year too. Fall is my favorite time of year. Mountain biking is best now, photography is excellent, and I love seeing the big change in the scenery. I can still get out of the house and enjoy nature before the real rains set in. There are still plenty of sunny warm days left in this season, and enjoying them is always a challenge. There are too many things to do.