Released Plastic

I headed off to A&B Sound today to get some new CD’s that were released yesterday. I grabbed the new Barenaked Ladies, and the new Papa Roach. There was a third CD I looked into that was released a while ago. The CD was Two by Earshot.

A&B Sound still doesn’t get it somtimes. BNL and Papa Roach were $9.99 and $10.99. To me those are reasonable prices for a hunk of plastic. The total for those two albums was $23.71.

The Earshot CD sticker said $29.49. Lame. As soon as I saw the price that CD went back on the shelf. There is absolutely no way I will pay that for a CD (unless it is a limited edition, and I am a huge fan of the band).

In this economy, with how easy it is to download the music you want, with how easy it is to find good and legally free music, and with how record companies treat their customers, no CD should be priced like that.

The Earshot CD will stay on my wishlist for a while longer I guess.