Rotted Pond

A while ago a board on our deck rotted through. There were several that needed replacing, so I mentioned it to out landlord. Since he is not in town he sent a friend over to check on the deck, and in the end decided to just replace the whole thing. This is awesome news for us. As tenants getting a new deck on the house you live in is pretty good. We are looking forward to having it completed, but for now the demo work is in progress:

We also talked with out landlord about the fish pond. It takes up a large space in our yard and really isn’t toddler friendly (not that we have a toddler yet). We have re-signed our lease for another year, and he likes us as tenants, so he has agreed to do something about the pond. First step was to relocate the fish, and drain the pond.

I’m hoping that he will allow me to demo the entire pond and fill in the hole. The problem with leaving it like this is that rain water will collect in the pond and make it a breeding ground for mosquito’s. The fish ate the larvae before, but with no fish, this is not good. Plus it is no safer for us. I also think that filling it as is won’t work either. Even if we fill it with dirt, tain will just collect in the bottom and turn it into a swampy mess. We could cut the liner our and fill it with dirt, but it we are wrecking the pond that much let’s really wreck it, and tear down the cement too. I must admit that I am a little sad to see the pond go. I’ve been taking care of it for a while now, and it was a fun pet project. Sox and I have been talking about this, and it may be time for me to get an aquarium for the house. Now that would be fun too!