Addressing Mangled

One of the features my webhost just implemented was plus-style email addressing (like gMail has). For example if my email address was, would go to the same mailbox.

This allows me to sign up at any webpage with a different email address, to make filtering easier and to quickly learn if someone is selling my email address if I use a unique email address per signup. My webhost has done this to allow people a basic for of catch all address that isn’t really a catch all.

In theory this sounds great, but in 2 days I have some across 2 websites that don’t support this at all. was the first one I found. The Dell site told me they wouldn’t accept the email address. Fine, I created something else to use. did something far worse. They accepted the email address, then mangled it when they put it in a database, and somehow replaced the + with a space. This has very bad consequences when the site sent me an email. So “” got turned into “fred”. When the site sent the email, all of a sudden and received the email (that contained my password by the way). This kind of failure is very bad (IMO).

I hope more sites will support plus style addressing. I plan on using it a lot more.