Tormented Bangs

Hallowe’en is a fun time for many, but not for Yoshi. He is tormented by the sounds of firecrackers. It scares him a lot and in turn ddrives up batty. Last night he actually push down the baby gate at the top of the stairs (the one we use to make sure he stays downstairs and doesn’t bug us). Yep, pushed it over walked over it and burst into our bedroom.

Poor guy.

Last night I was still hearing bangs at 3:30 am. Meaning Yoshi was still antsy at 3:30 am. Up and down the stairs, prancing around outside our bedroom, coming into the bedroom and walking from one side of the bed to the other, heading downstairs and doing laps of the house. Yeesh.

I am very tired today.

Tuesday night will be bad, and then it should end pretty quickly after that. Tuesday can’t come soon enough.