Vacation Whirlwind

Vacation was awesome, but vacation ended last weekend, and I am now just getting back into life.

The fam flew across the country to Ottawa for a nice 10 day vacation. The flight out went great, way better than expected. Sprout did well, and for me having him with us helped the flight pass quicker. WestJet is such an awesome carrier to fly on. Without a doubt I would prefer to fly with them over anybody else.

Once in Ottawa we made our way to Sox’s family’s place and settled in. Then the vacation kicked in. We headed from Ottawa up to Carp to take in the Carp fall fair. A couple days after that we then headed up to Montreal for a couple days. Back down to Ottawa for a day, then we jumped in the car for a serious drive.

We took the scenic route, and ended up in St Catharines (what a gorgeous town). We stayed in a 4 Points Sheraton that was very nice. The next day we continued on the journey to Niagara On the Lake, then down to Niagara Falls. I also saw my first 2 great lakes on this trip.

After the falls we stuck to the scenic route, and got to Wallacetown where we stayed on a farm for a short stay. We took in the pretty-much rained out Wallacetown fair, and just enjoyed being away from home. That night there was a huge lighting and thunder storm that awoke me. The next thunder clap shook the whole house and Sox awoke with a start. After re-assuring her we fell back asleep.

Too quickly it was back to Ottawa after a 7.5 hour drive. A day and a bit later it was back on the plane back to Victoria. Whirlwind tour, but extremely fun and enjoyable.

I took a ton of pictures too. Just under 2 GB.

All pics are here.

Soon I will try to gather some highlight pics and post them seperately.