Creative Photography – Class 1

Last night was my session of the Creative Photography class at Camosun. It was … interesting. Too soon to tell if I will get a lot from the class, but I will get something.

Last night was the intro, talking about the outline, and how the class was going to go. Camera’s in class are necessary.

Throughout the 2.5 hour class we would take 10 minutes to go shoot a small assignment. Before hand there would be something said or done to get the class thinking, then he would send us on our way to shoot.

I did take some tidbits away. Sometimes you need to think the photograph, feel the photograph, or see the photo. Explore the box, break out of it. Shoot something you are not comfortable with. Less is more (especially with negative space). Look for randomness or look for order.

My shots from the class are here.

Unfortunately I will be missing next weeks class, but I will resume on Oct 4.

Neil Hodge is the instructor for this course too. When I have a little more time I will spend some of it exploring his work.