Drug Pocket

There is something about riding the bus that is just so … weird. There are strange people, or strange smells, or strange smelly people.

Today while riding the bus home I witnessed a drug deal. It was very odd. The bus was pulling up to a stop and there was a sketchy looking guy at the stop. He was acting very weird, and as the bus got close he almost jumped into the street in front of it. When the bus did stop he started walking past it very quickly.

I was standing by the rear doors and while they were open he was making a beeline for them. I thought that he was going to jump on the bus that way, but instead he saw a bus passenger he knew, and said “here you go” as he pushed a folded ziplock bag into the passengers hand.

The passenger took the bag and stuffed it into his pocket as he got off the bus, and then the two talked on the sidewalk as the bus left.