Starbucks Adventures

What a way to start the day.

Today was a sleeping morning for Sox. After getting Sprout his breakfast I thought it would be nice to get Sox and myself some drinks from Starbucks. I also needed to buy some more coffee beans, so a “two birds with one stone” siutation was in play. I got Sprout ready to go, got him in the car, and got Yoshi in the back of the car so Sox could have a nice quiet house to sleep in.

Once at the store I got Sprout out, ordered the drinks and beans, and signed the credit card slip. Is it just me, or is it difficult to hold a baby and sign a tiny piece of paper? I ended up just putting him on the counter.

The drinks were ready, so I stuffed the beans into my hoody pocket, got a tray for the drinks and made my way back to the car. I placed the drinks on top of the car, and got Sprout strapped back in to his seat.

I grabbed the drinks off the roof and got into the car myself. I left the drinks in the holder and put them on the console between the seats and then headed home. I was going to take them out of the holder and put the cups into the drink holders but it was such a short drive I just thought I would be careful.

A couple blocks from home there was a red light. When the light went green, all hell broke loose. I had placed the cups in the holder side by side to aid in carrying them with one hand. This makes the holder very tippy. When I hit the gas the holder tipped over backwards! Crap. I couldn’t stop since there was traffic behind me, so I gunned it, and pulled over to the right, but couldn’t stop due to a bus stop. When I reached a clear portion of sidewalk I went to hit the brakes and put in the clutch. I should remind you that our Honda CRV doesn’t have a clutch. My left foot hit the brake, and hit the brake HARD! ABS kicked in since the roads were wet, but we all came to a stop. I reached behind me to grab the drinks, but could only find one of them. I jumped out of the car and opened the back door. Chai and my Americano had spilled all over the contents of the floor, but I still couldn’t find my Americano. Figuring I should just get home, pass off Sprout, then clean up the mess I went to get in the driver’s door, and found the Americano in the front.


What a debacle. Both drinks were half empty and I was pretty unhappy. I drove home, took Sprout and Yoshi in, and Sox got up. I told her what happened, and she suggested that I go back and tell them what happened. Opening the car all I could smell was Chai.

At the Starbucks I took in the two half empty cups that were covered in Chai and Americano, and asked if they could remake them because they fell over in the car. I whipped out the credit card, but they said not to worry about it. They replaced the drinks for me! I was very grateful for that.

At home I gave Sox her drink and tidied up the car. All in all pretty lucky, an umbrella and a blanket took the brunt of the mess. Sprout’s pack and LugABug carrier got a little on them, and some recycling materials seemed to sop up the rest.

My morning was salvaged and the day got better. Throughout the whole thing I couldn’t help but think of some of Michelle’s (mis) adventures as of late and couldn’t help but laugh.