Aquarium Level

Today Sprout and I headed out to PetSmart to get some more fish for the aquarium. I had pretty much decided before I got there to get some Tiger Barbs. They are cool looking fish, and I think will fit in well with our tank. Plus they are beginner level fish which is perfect for me.

I am thinking that next week I will get another Plecostumus, and a few colorful guppies. The guppies I was looking at are top level fish. The Swordtails and Barbs were middle level, and the Pleco a bottom level. That should round out the tank quite well I think.

I acclimatized the Barbs and put them in already. So far so good. It looks nice with some more fish in there.

Next weekend I will have to do my first tank cleaning and water change. That will be fun. I get to use my cool water syphon/gravel cleaner.