Yesterday Confident

Yesterday, in a bout of do-it-yourselfness I decided to put on the weather stripping I bought a while ago for the front door. Easy job. Cut to size, screw in place. Hmm, no hacksaw. I borrowed one from Jim, then I was all set. Measure, cut. Crap, too long still. How did that happen? Measure again, and cut another quarter inch off.

I then screwed the strip down, and voila! Less of a hole around the front door. I just need to buy some stick on foam stripping and I will be done.

Feeling a little confident, I decided to see what I could do about how the front door hangs. Whenever we close the door, it hits the door jam on the top right corner. Should be easy. The hinge bracket screws were not visible, but I tightened some of the available loose screws at the top of the door. The theory was that the top of the door would get sucked left and out of the way.

I learned something: A handyman I am not.

Somehow I made it worse. Much worse, and I can’t get it back to the original bad state. There went the confidence. Some things should just be left alone. Doors are one of them.