Downstairs Food

For the last few months we have had Aphro’s food and water in our bedroom, and her litter upstairs. This was due to the rat problem downstairs. Now that the rats appear to have been dealt with, we put her litter back downstairs.

Then the problems started. Apparently she got lazy. Or maybe she is mad. Maybe she was just confused. In any case, Aphro has begun to pee on my clothes, and has pooped in our office closet. How do you motivate a car to walk downstairs to use the litter instead of my clothing?

The topper was yesterdays vet visit. It was Aphro’s regular yearly visit. The vet complimented her teeth and said they were in excellent health, and had very little plaque and no gingivitis. The TD food does work! However, the vet also mentioned that Aphro is overweight. Other than that, she is in excellent health.

To help with weight problem, we moved her food and water back downstairs near the litter. Hopefully she will now remember to use the litter, and that by having the food down there she will get more exercise and/or eat less food.

I am tired of having peed on clothing. Yeuck.