Annual Market

Holy crap. I got the Voice Mobility annual report today. I took a look through it out of morbid curiosity.

What a read! in 2006 they burned another $3.3 million USD. That is a lot of dough. To date they have a net operating loss of $46.6 million USD. I still cannot fathom why that company is still operating. I still cannot fathom why any institution or individual would willing invest in them. They are a money pit.

They have an excellent product, but they lack something: a competent sales force.

What company in their right mind would purchase from them now? They have been operating for over 8 years, and haven’t had a single significant sale. If I was in the market to buy, I would steer clear of them.

I still want to see them succeed, but I doubt they will. All that hard work down the drain.