Training Push

I got out for an awesome ride today. I rode with a buddy of mine that is a much stronger rider than me. This pushed me a lot, and I certainly noticed it. I was out of breath way more than when I ride alone. We covered almost the same route as my last training ride, but time-wise it was shorter.

It was a little breezy so a couple sections were a tough slog, but the sun was out so that raised my spirits. Add in a warm temp and it was almost bliss.

I almost overdressed though. I was going to wear a jacket, but as I left the driveway I remembered that I had forgotten some food. As I went back into the house I made a snap decision to swap my jacket for a vest. Good call! I would have been way too warm in the jacket.

Over 20KM in less than an hour. I have a feeling that was a short, slow ride for T, but it was a good push for me.