Delivery Freeze

Sox and I have wanted a new fridge since we moved into this house. That was over 1.5 years ago. A few weeks ago Elliot and I got a couple quotes from two different places. Sox and I talked it over, the pulled the trigger and bought the first brand new fridge either of us has even owned. Well, this is actually the first fridge I have ever owned period.

Tonight the delivery guys came with it. I am extremely glad that we paid the extra for delivery. The fridge barely fit through the doorway. See, when I measured, I only measured the space the fridge was in, and not the openings it needed to fit through. Whoops. The salesman never asked about that either.

The delivery guys were awesome though. They measured all the doorways, figured out the best way to get the old fridge out, then tried getting the new one in. The fit was so tight that they had to try a few times and eventually moved to another doorway that had enough room to squeeze through. They also mentioned to not plug it in for an hour.

I then took the next hour to unwrap all the shelves and trays. I also had to reverse the door which took the longest amount of time. It wasn’t difficult, but I ran into a couple hitches that I wasn’t prepared for.

Once I got everything together, I saw that the hour was up so I fired everything into the fridge as I plugged it in. Tomorrow Sox and I will organize things, starting with figuring out where we want the shelves and bins to go.

So happy with our purchase so far though.