Attention Customer

Sox and I were told about the Village Butcher a while ago. They are located out in Oak Bay, quite close to where I work. We were in the mood for sausages and wanted to try out the butcher shops so I walked up there one day after work and bought some.

I wasn’t paying too much attention when I paid but signed the MC receipt, but grabbed my sausages and took off. A couple days later I was looking at my MC bill online and noticed I had been charged $232 instead of $23.

The very next day I called them and explained what had happened. The staffer was incredulous that it had happened and apologized to me. She said she would talk to her boss and call me later to let me know what they would do. She never called.

A couple days later I walked up from work and explained who I was and why I was there. They knew immediately that their books were out for that day, and that I wasn’t trying to cheat them. I hung around for half an hour while one of the guys tried to figure out how to do a credit. Eventually the guy offered to look it up on the internet, then call me the next day.

I never got the call.

I went back and they said they figured it out, but wanted to wait for the owner to return. They were concerned about messing up the books for him. They requested I wait until he return from Costa Rica in a couple weeks. I said I could wait since the MC bill wasn’t due.

I returned on the day the staff said the owner would be there. The owner had been brought up to speed (thankfully) and was able to do the return to my credit card in less than five minutes. A quick apology and I was out the door, and will never return.

It took at least three weeks to return my money to me when it should have taken 5 minutes. Two broken promises and a couple lame apologies mean I won’t be going back. I was tempted to just call Mastercard and explain what happened and let Mastercard deal with it it, but I didn’t want to do that to a small, locally owned shop like that.

The bumbling cost them a customer, a potential repeat customer.

The sausages were excellent though.