Shambles Progressed


That is what I wanted to yell a earlier today.

I had gotten to work late, and my morning was a shambles. I was looking after Sprout while Sox was returning from Vancouver. Sprout was out of sorts, and seemed extremely tired. Looking after himn when he is in that state is taxing and tiring.

I decided to grab a cup of coffee and noticed my mug wasn’t on my desk, meaning that the cleaners had run it through the dishwasher. I went to the cupboard to grab it, and was distracted as I reached for it.

I broke my mug. The cute dog getting himself a snack mug. I loved that mug. I almost want to cry.

It broke when I pulled it off the shelf and another anonymous white mug fell. I tried to stop the anonymous mug but in the process whacked my mug on a shelf, and it broke. Almost in half.

I hate mondays, this one especially. I would much rather be spending the day with Sox and Sprout.

The day progressed, and as I was leaving I noticed a bag of garbage in the parking garage. I didn’t think much more until I stopped at Oak Bay Bikes. As I jumped out of my truck I noticed someone had tossed a bag of tree branches into the back of my truck. Grrr.