Police Baffling

not an attack dog

Thursday evening while driving home, I saw an unmarked police truck parked in a driveway. As I passed it, they pulled onto Lampson behind me, and turned onto Bewdley as well. They then pulled a U turn on Bewdley and sped off in the other direction.

Half an hour later I could hear some noise on the street in front of the house, and when I looked there were 3 officers standing there watching a fourth with his dog. The dog was in the scrub bushes across the street and was barking up a storm. Then I saw a guy behind the chain link fence and he was yelling at the dog and swinging a stick at it.

I was thinking that this guy was trying to outrun the dog, then I noticed the guy had a padded arm, and a very bulky jacket. These cops were doing a training exercise on our street.

For the next 10 minutes we watched as the dog apprehended the guy, another officer came in and arrested the suspect, then the suspect broke free and the dog re-apprehended the suspect. It was interesting to see this with such good seats, but I was a little baffled that the police never informed us this was happening in our neighbourhood.

Sure enough at one point a car drove through their exercise and the people in the car looked a little confused.

Also, Sprout watched with great intensity since he loves dogs right now, but if he were older we would have to prevent him from seeing that. I can’t see how explaining why a dog is biting a man on the arm would be easy.

This was all very interesting, yet baffling.