Wammy Combo

Wednesday night’s arrival home was interesting. It was a double whammy from the Yoshi and Aphro.

I noticed the door to the downstairs wasn’t propped open like it normally is. Yoshi could have done this, or maybe Sox or I forgot to set it before leaving.

As I went to go check on the cat, I noticed the gate to upstairs was pushed open. Great. The first thing I noticed was that Yoshi had been sleeping on the futon which has just been furnished with clean sheets for a house guest set to arrive on Thursday. Argh. That dog. Easy to fix, but is still a pain to clean the sheets again.

I then noticed Yoshi had been in Sprouts room. A plastic bowl and lid combo that Sprout had been playing with had been chewed up. Yoshi also chewed the corner of one of Sprouts books too. That dog!

I then followed up with Aphro, and found she had peed on some of my riding clothes that I had planned to use the next day. 2 loads of laundry now. Anybody interested in a neurotic dog and a skittish cat?