Incident Balloons

On to tonights weird incident.

At the light up, after our hot chocolate trip, we headed back to Archie Browning arena to see what was going on. We saw that Daisy from Island Farms was there, and her assistant was handing out balloons to the kids.

We decided to get one for Sprout.

When Sox walked up the assistant lady denied us. She said some ridiculous thing that they were stopping handing them out, and that the lady in red was the last person. The lady in red was in her 70’s.

WTF?? Sox and I were angry and walked away a little confused. An elderly lady could get a balloon for her walker, but we couldn’t get one for Sprout? That makes no sense.

Then we turned around and saw they were still handing the balloons out to the kids. We were tempted to go back and get one, but then decided that it wasn’t worth it.

I don’t know what this assistant lady was thinking. It was so bizarre. Denying our son a balloon because they wanted to stop handing them out ?? And telling us they were stopping handing them out?? Why not just say they had run out? People are weird, but public facing people representing a company to children definitely shouldn’t be.

Sox and I still might right an email to Island Farms regarding this. In retrospect it seems petty but it still rubbed us the wrong way.